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Six hundred years of experience

Acquired by Improbable in 2019, The Multiplayer Guys was founded in March 2018 by industry veterans Rik Alexander, Steve Bennett and Rocco Loscalzo, with the aim of being the best provider of multiplayer development and services to the games industry.

The Multiplayer Guys now employs more than 60 people, with an average of 10 years’ multiplayer game development per employee. Its driving belief is that multiplayer is pervasive, essential and meaningful, and The Multiplayer Guys exists to facilitate that for all its clients.

The Multiplayer Guys has a track record of delivering. The company has been involved in the full scope of multiplayer development and the solving of hard problems with partners who include 2K Games, Mediatonic and several other AAA award-winning developers and publishers.

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The Multiplayer Guys have shown their ability to help studios large and small deliver better multiplayer experiences faster.

Herman Narula, CEO of Improbable

How The Multiplayer Guys works with clients

With experience of a wide range of services, live ops, MMOs and full physics-based multiplayer games on all platforms and networking architectures, The Multiplayer Guys embrace the toughest technical challenges.

Each game’s demands are unique and the technologies available need to be analysed and recommended for best fit. The Multiplayer Guys will only recommend tech that fits well with what you need. We have worked with all major commercial game engines and platforms, and also many proprietary engines and technologies. We have extensive experience of Unreal Engine and Unity - and now of SpatialOS.

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Our partners

The Multiplayer Guys have co-developed many games in partnership with intellectual property holders, and has the operational insight to provide security, confidence and speed to any IP based project.

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