Production-ready tooling

Develop, understand and test your game with SpatialOS tooling

Pre-built tooling

Pre-built tooling

We provide production-quality tooling to monitor and debug your game instances in real time. You can use them from the start of development and stay focused on iterating your design. And they’re built to support production-scale games; no need to swap out your tooling for launch.

Pre-built tooling

Early testing

Early testing

Test your game early and continuously. Set up playtests with real players to find the fun, and conduct simulated scale tests that let you launch knowing your game is stable and scalable.

Early testing

See inside your game

See inside your game

The Inspector tool provides a top-down view into your game instance. Watch in real time and let player activity inform your game design without having to parse reams of data.

See inside your game

The Inspector

Real-time insights into your game

The Inspector gives you a real-time view of what’s happening in your game, so you can see what your players and NPCs are doing, and debug and improve your game design accordingly.



Our open-source and scalable metrics backend stores persistent game data, with real-time visualisation tools and APIs. It’s ready to go so there’s no need to set up custom tooling.


Debug easily with warnings, error-level logs and other information. Filter down to entity- and instance-specific issues instead of reading endless lines of logs.

Playtest Distribution Tool

Test and manage your game

Distribute your game simply by sending a URL that allows players to download and join. Get real player feedback from the start of development all the way up to launch.

Platform SDK

The Platform SDK

Our Platform SDK allows you to programmatically access the SpatialOS platform. This enables instance management and integration with backend services, like matchmaking.

Simulated-player testing

Simulated testing

Our Simulated-Player Testing Service starts a game and populates it with simulated clients following pre-defined logic, allowing you to scale test early and avoid launch-day issues.


Enabling developers

We provide tooling for every stage of development, or you can integrate your own. Our metrics and logs are available from day one of development, our testing tools help with stability and playability, and our visual Inspector is invaluable for iterating on your game design.

Tools for all stages

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