The core of SpatialOS

Exceeding the limits of single-server multiplayer

Multiserver gameplay

Multiserver gameplay

Run a single game world across multiple dedicated servers, and experiment with player numbers, complex AI and more gameplay systems.

Multiserver gameplay

Efficient interest management

Efficient interest management

Have higher-density scenes and let players see and interact with objects far away - with much lower bandwidth usage.

Efficient interest management

Complete in-game persistence

Complete in-game persistence

Enable dynamic experiences as players and AIs alter the world permanently, and AIs continue to evolve the game even when players are offline.

Complete in-game persistence

Cross-platform play

Cross-platform play

Players on PC, console and mobile can share the same world and enjoy more engaging, social and asymmetric gameplay.

Cross-platform play

Engine load balancer

The load balancer enables concurrent, layered simulations of different fidelities, and also stitches together multiple game engines across a single instance of a game. This allows for richer game instances than would be possible with a single-server architecture.

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The Engine load balancer with SpatialOS

Advanced interest management

Our query-based interest system is a more flexible approach to area-of-interest management. Its query language modifies what different clients and servers in the world see with variable frequency. You can change these queries at runtime, optimising network data and so enabling richer scenes with lower bandwidth costs.

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Advanced interest management with SpatialOS

Distributed multiplayer architecture

Reliable networking with SpatialOS

Flexible networking

Our efficient, secure network stack lets you define which data to synchronise, and offers protocols like TCP, Reliable UDP and KCP.

Fault tolerance with SpatialOS

Fault tolerance

Engine crashes used to disconnect players, but SpatialOS just brings up another instance so players only experience a brief pause.

Entity database with SpatialOS

Entity database

Every object's data is stored in our high-throughput, low-latency cloud database, so every object is fully persistent, and snapshots and reloads from any point in time are easy.

Connection manager with SpatialOS

Connection manager

SpatialOS uses multiple machines to handle the networking across multiple connection types, this enables tens of thousands of players in a single cross-platform instance.

Technical overview

How SpatialOS powers your game world.

Learn about the key concepts of SpatialOS and how it combines multiple game engines across a single instance.


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Use cases

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