The power behind the platform

A secure, scalable and flexible cloud dedicated to multiplayer.

Platform benefits

Grow, adapt and stay secure

Go global with SpatialOS

Go global

Using our global hosting locations, you can provide low-latency gameplay to players around the world.

Adapt and grow with SpatialOS

Adapt and grow

You can scale your infrastructure fast and you only pay for what you use, so you can grow or adapt your game whenever you need.

Prioritise gameplay with SpatialOS

Prioritise gameplay

SpatialOS makes it easy to deploy to the cloud whenever you need and, since we also handle your hosting, you can stay focused on gameplay.

Stay secure with SpatialOS

Stay secure

SpatialOS uses best-in-class cloud servers with industry-leading security. We test regularly to ensure that both our platform and your data are safe.

Key features

Global hosting

We offer hosting throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific - with China coming soon.

Global hosting with SpatialOS

Managed platform

Server management

Server management with SpatialOS

As well as managing the servers for you, we monitor the stack 24/7, providing an uptime guarantee of 99.9%.

Elastic hosting

Elastic hosting with SpatialOS

SpatialOS scales quickly and easily based on player demand, and can support thousands of concurrent game instances all over the globe.

Local development

Local development with SpatialOS

Our free local development environment lets you iterate fast, then deploy your game to the cloud easily when ready.

Fast deployment

Using SpatialOS tooling, you can deploy your game to the cloud for testing in minutes with just a few CLI commands.

Fast deployment with SpatialOS
Technical overview

How we host your game

When using SpatialOS, we call each instance of your game a 'deployment'.

There are two main types of process that we start and manage for you: game servers (which we call server-workers) and the SpatialOS Runtime. Both run inside Dockerised Linux containers running on cloud machines we provision. Currently, we use Google Cloud Platform, but soon we’ll be providing more options.

Game clients

Deployment architecture

Players connect to the SpatialOS Runtime using a game client. In contrast to traditional dedicated server games, there is no direct link between game clients and the game server.

Worker hosting

Server-workers are any executables you want, either game engines or custom-built code. You upload them, and we run them inside containers for you.

SpatialOS Runtime

The SpatialOS Runtime is hosted separately to your game servers. It stores the state of every object in your world, and manages both the servers' and clients’ ability to change it.

Instance architecture with SpatialOS

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Use cases

Use cases

Create anything from frenetic shooters to rich, complex RPGs and strategy games.

SpatialOS Runtime


Explore the heart of SpatialOS, including engine load balancer and distributed multiplayer architecture.